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Facebook Video Ads for Real Estate Agents

Why should Real Estate Agents care about Facebook Video Ads?

Why should Real Estate Agents care about Facebook Video Ads?

If you are a real estate agent, you’d have multiple ways to generate leads for your real estate business (both buyer and seller leads). These offline and word-of-mouth referrals are valuable, and they will always be.

However, with an increasing number of prospects turning to the digital medium for their requirements, the number of people searching online to buy or sell homes will only increase.

Besides, there are lean patches for every business, and the real estate business is no exception. It is not uncommon for agents to be free for a few months and be very busy during another few.

For these reasons and others, real estate agents need to explore the digital medium for real estate leads. And the Facebook network is a leading online digital medium that can help agents tremendously.

Facebook knows a lot about its users. For example, who got married recently, got a new child, and is actively looking for a bigger home. It also knows who is a senior living alone and is actively looking for a smaller home.

If you pay Facebook a little money and guide it in the right direction, Facebook will show your real estate ads to people who might be looking to buy or sell their homes.

Agreed it’s not easy to master Facebook ads. Initially, you may lose more money than you invest in ads. However, with experience and expertise, you’ll know how to make ten or twenty times more money than you invest in ads – for each property sold. And you can do it on demand, especially when your business is going through a lean period.

That’s why real estate agents need to learn about investing in Facebook ads.

Why Video?

Visuals drive the real estate industry. By now, I am sure you already know the importance of excellent house photographs to increase the number of people interested in your offerings.

While you should put up great property photos, remember that everyone else is doing it. But not everyone is using videos to advertise their properties.

Offering to make beautiful home listing videos is an excellent way to get the sellers excited. And it’s important to connect with the buyers emotionally. What better than a beautiful walkthrough video that makes them feel they are already in the house!

If you are impatient and want one successful method to start advertising with video on Facebook now, follow the Facebook video ad strategy mentioned on this page.

Also, here is a mobile app that enables you to create professional real estate videos within the next few minutes.

What you should know Before running Facebook Video Ads

  1. Log into Facebook Business Manager (Meta Business Suite) to start advertising through your Facebook page. Yes, you should create a Facebook page for your business first.
  2. Ads Manager is the tool that enables you to manage everything related to running ads on FB and Instagram.
  3. You’ll need to add a valid payment method (like a credit card) before you create ads. Facebook won’t charge you until you start running ads.
  4. There are three levels in the Facebook Ads Manager – Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads.
  5. Campaigns are where you define the overall objectives of your ads – Eg. Video views, engagement, conversion, etc. You can create multiple campaigns.
  6. Within each campaign, there are Ad Sets where you manage target audience, budget, ad placement, and other such metrics. With multiple ad sets within each campaign, you can test which ad sets are giving you the maximum return on investment.
  7. Within each Ad set, you can have multiple Ads. Here is where you upload the ad creative, setup Facebook pixel, etc.
  8. It’s better to have a Complete Funnel strategy to maximize the results from a Facebook ad. This is required because, not all the customers are ready to buy immediately (Conversion Funnel). You may have to initially create brand awareness (Awareness Funnel), nurture them with information that enables them to trust you (Consideration Funnel), and then ask them for their business. These things take time, especially for real estate campaigns.
  9. With different campaign objectives like video views, engagement, lead generation (form), traffic, conversions, sales, etc. Facebook enables you to create a funnel strategy with ads.
  10. Facebook Ad Targeting is an excellent way to reach just those people who may be interested in your real estate offering. You can select audiences based on the Location; Demographics like age, income, job titles, etc.; Interests (Have they been liking real estate-related pages recently?); Connections (People who like your page, Friends of people who like your page, etc.); Custom Audience (Your existing prospects list, people deemed similar to this group by Facebook). These are just examples, you can do much deeper targeting.
  11. If you are sending people to your website from the ad, remember to use Facebook pixel on your website so that you can retarget them later on. Retargeting improves your RoI considerably.
  12. With Facebook video ads, you can upload single videos, multiple videos (carousel) and even run polls on your videos.

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