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Virtual Tours vs. Video Tours for Real Estate

Virtual Tours vs. Video Tours for Real Estate

Virtual Tours vs. Video Tours for Real Estate: Which is better? Or should you make both?

What is a Virtual Tour?

A Real Estate Virtual Tour is a virtual duplicate of your house or property in 360-degree photos. In a virtual tour, the viewer can navigate the property using the mouse on a computer or fingers on a tab/smartphone.

The viewer can pan sidewards, up & down, and even move forward and backward as if they are in that house. Virtual Tours are generally embedded on websites and look similar to video embeds.

Virtual Tours don’t play automatically and are dependent on the user to determine the location. Here are two popular options to create and host virtual tours (click).

Below is an example of a virtual tour described in a video. The below video plays automatically because it’s just a demonstration. To experience an actual virtual tour, visit this page (click).

Virtual Tour Example

What is a Video Tour?

A Real Estate Video Tour is a compilation of photos and video clips of different property areas into a video with background music, voiceover, graphics, text, and other elements.

A video tour enables agents/owners to plan and show the property’s best aspects. These video tours are short and show a brief glimpse of all the essential elements of the property.

Agents can directly send video tours to homebuyers, or they can upload the videos to Youtube and all social media. Video tours can be made using high-end video cameras or basic mobile phones.

Virtual Tours vs. Video Tours: Advantages of Virtual tours

#1. Virtual Tours are new. Hence it is easier to differentiate your offerings and make them memorable to potential homebuyers.

#2. With Virtual Tours, viewers control what they see and for how long. Hence, virtual tours offer a more immersive experience to buyers.

#3. It’s possible to create virtual tours using the free Zillow mobile app on your mobile phones. But this virtual tour many not work outside the Zillow ecosystem.

#4. There are virtual tour service providers who enable you to create virtual tours and embed them on your website.

#5. It is possible to embed text, media (photos & videos), links, and interactive elements within a virtual tour.

Virtual Tours vs. Video Tours: Advantages of Video Tours

#1. Video tours can be made easily using basic mobile phones and free video editing tools. However, creating virtual tours is more complicated and often requires specialized equipment like 360-degree cameras, special editing tools, etc. 

#2. Video tours are inexpensive – anyone can make video tours by recording videos on their smartphones. Alternatively, you can hire professional photographers to shoot video tours. However, virtual tours may get expensive, and only a few professionals create real estate virtual tours. 

#3. It’s easy to share video tours – you can upload them to youtube or social media and share the links with anyone. Alternatively, you can send videos directly to prospects. With a virtual tour, you need to host it with a specialized virtual tour service provider. It isn’t easy to share virtual tours. 

#4. People are familiar with and are used to watching videos. On the other hand, virtual tours are new, and people might take some time to get used to them. 

#5. Most home listing websites allow embedding video tours. With Youtube Video Marketing, agents can generate leads even from search engines and social media using videos. Virtual tours cannot be embedded on home listing sites, but only linked to from there.

While having a video tour of your real estate property is almost mandatory these days, it’s good to offer a virtual tour of your property as well. Since different formats attract different customers, try to provide both to your prospects.

If you are a real estate agent, you can save a lot of time by using a mobile app like Momenzo to create beautiful real estate video tours easily.

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