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10 Things Every Real Estate Listing Video Must Have

In addition to property photos and videos, every real estate listing video needs to have these ten things – 

In addition to property photos and videos, every real estate listing video needs to have these ten things.
  1. Property Listing Reference Number – A reference number will make it easier for potential homeowners to refer when they approach you for inquiries. Surprisingly, many agents and sellers miss this crucial point in their real estate listing videos. 
  2. Your Logo – If you have an agency or an office, you probably have a logo. Even if you are an individual, it’s high time you create a logo. A logo is helpful not only for branding but also for easy recollection. As homebuyers evaluate many properties, repetitive exposure to branding elements like the logo will encourage them to get interested in your offerings. 
  3. Agent’s Name and Photo – The agent’s name should be in the listing video. But sometimes, prospects tend to forget names. So, having a photo along with your name will help better and faster recollection. This is very important in a crowded market like real estate.
  4. Property Name and Address – There is no point in making a real estate listing video without these two essential things. Make sure you put them in along with pin codes, city/state, and other essential details. 
  5. Phone Number/WhatsApp No/Email Address – Without the contact details, prospects will have no clue how to take the first step to rent/buy the property. You might also put these details in the description box, but don’t put them there alone. Contact details need to be within the video. 
  6. Property Price – Many sellers and agents avoid mentioning pricing info fearing rejection. Identifying qualified prospects is crucial to every real estate agent’s success. Mentioning the price range is the best way to qualify prospects, as many of them already have a budget. Mention the price (or the price range) right within the video so that your time is occupied by the right prospects.
  7. The number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms – Homebuyers want to know this information to qualify properties suited for their purpose. Hence, mentioning the number of bedrooms and bathrooms within the listing video is useful.
  8. Total Area and Built-up Area – How big is your property in sq. feet? How much is the open area, and how much is the built-up area? Make sure to highlight these details prominently within the video.
  9. Type of Real Estate Listing – What type of real estate video is yours? A ready-for-sale video? Open house video? For rent video? Mention this in the video so that the viewers know what they are looking at. On a related note, here are 25 types of real estate videos
  10. Website – From where can homebuyers get more details about your property listing and you/your organization? Make sure to have a web page and mention the web address in your video. If you are active on social media, you can also mention your social media handles.

How to Easily Create a Professional Real Estate Listing Video that contains these details?

You could learn to use free video editing software to create your real estate listing videos. However, both learning and creating videos that look good takes a lot of time.

Momenzo mobile app enables you to shoot and create beautiful animated real estate listing videos within a few minutes so that you can focus on finding and selling more properties.

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