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Top 10 Best Real Estate Video Maker apps for 2022

Top 10 Best Real Estate Video Maker apps for 2022:

Top 10 Best Real Estate Video Maker apps for 2022


Canva is not just an excellent graphic design app, but it is also a good video creator app. It is available for desktop and mobile phones.

For real estate agents, there are several readymade video templates available on Canva. There are a few free templates too, but they are very simple.

Some good real estate templates are available exclusively for Pro users who have subscribed to their monthly subscription plan.

Canva’s search capability is good. For example, you can search for listing videos or house sold videos, and you’ll mostly get a suitable template to use.

Canva’s interface is excellent. You can not only import your photos and videos, but you can also choose a variety of shapes, text, frames, graphics, stickers, stock media, and even animations from their collection.

Although Canva became popular because of its simplicity, the availability of too many features can result in a longer learning curve, and you may require a long time to create even simple videos.


Animoto is a cloud-based video creation app with readymade templates for the real estate industry.

Animoto has a free plan, but it comes with a watermark. You can create unlimited videos with both their free and paid plans.

You can either start from scratch or choose from one of their templates. These templates are available in landscape, portrait, or square formats.

You can divide your scene/video into various predetermined blocks and upload different creatives in each block. You can add your media or use the media available within the app.

Animoto is available for desktop and iOS mobiles but not for Android.


Momenzo is unique in this list of apps as it focuses on both real estate video editing and video shooting. So yes, you can (and are encouraged to) shoot videos from within this mobile app.

You can upload photos and videos you already have into Momenzo. But if you don’t have any yet, you could use the in-app guidance and controls like a countdown timer before you start shooting, shooting time for each slide, etc.

Even if you haven’t made an audio-visual piece in your life, you can quickly and easily create professional animated real estate videos.

Momenzo has the maximum number of templates for the real estate industry. You can make everything right from listing videos to house sold videos.

Momenzo is available on both Android and iOS. It’s not available for the desktop perhaps due to its focus on shooting, editing, and ease of use.


Promo is a desktop and mobile app that enables people to create videos online using their built-in templates for many categories. They have a good collection of templates for real estate videos too.

It’s pretty simple to create videos with the Promo app. Choose one of their templates and change the media with your photo or video.

You can apply a premade text animation to your text with a single click. In addition, you can easily resize each video template based on the platform where you will publish the video.

You can choose appropriate music from their music collection. You can even select stock images and videos to augment your video via their integration with getty images.

Their pricing is slightly higher, but you get all templates across multiple categories with their professional plan.


InShot is a mobile-only video editor available for Android and iOS. This is for people who don’t want templates but want a free video editor to do all the video editing themselves. InShot has a Pro version, but the free one is already power-packed.

With InShot you can import your photos, videos, and other media. You can decide the timing for each slide, trim your videos based on that timing, and even see your media in picture-in-picture mode.

You can easily add text, shapes, music, filters, transition, stickers, etc. to your canvas. In addition, you can export your video in multiple sizes and aspect ratios for various social networks.

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Biteable is a customizable online video creator web app with many templates that you can edit to personalize your video. They have a few built-in templates specific to real estate as well.

Biteable offers an easy-to-use online editor which enables you to customize templates as per your needs. For example, you can change the text, colors, images, backgrounds, logo, etc.

You can also adjust the timing for each slide and add transitions between slides. You can also use their built-in audio tracks or upload your audio.


Renderforest is a web app (browser-based) and mobile app for creating videos from available media and scenes. In addition to videos, you can create graphics, logos, mockups, websites, etc. Renderforest is a good choice if you want to make animated explainer-style videos.

One feature that sets Renderforest apart from many other similar apps is that you can pay and download even a single video. They offer monthly and annual subscription-based plans too.

In addition to real estate listing video and slideshow video templates, there are templates for logo animations, intro/outro videos, 2D/3D explainer videos, etc. You can even make presentations and infographic videos.

Vimeo Create

Vimeo, the popular video hosting platform, also has a customized video maker tool called Vimeo Create. This app works both on desktop and mobile phones.

You can add your photos, videos, text, music, and even your logo to the video. You can even trim your video clips from within the app.

Vimeo Create has many customizable templates for real estate. Eg. Property Promo, Neighborhood guide, About us, Virtual Tours, Listing Videos, Price Drop, Rentals, Luxury Listing, Just Sold, Testimonials, Intro/Outro, Open House, Ads, etc.

Templates are available for square, landscape, and portrait formats.


Videoshop is a mobile-only app (Android & iOS) for creating videos, including real estate videos. The basic features are free, and you get a lot for free. But there are premium (paid) features as well.

This app is a video editing app to upload and edit photos and videos from scratch, not templates. You can crop, retime, and add text overlays to videos. In addition, you can record voiceovers for your videos.

In Videoshop, you can not only add music, but you can also add sound effects. In addition, you can add different filters and stickers to your videos – like on Instagram. You can make videos in multiple formats, including 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1.


In addition to creating animated videos, with Wideo, you can also convert your videos into presentations that advance on click. Wideo is a template-based video creation tool that comes with many animated assets.

With Wideo, you get a full-fledged video creation timeline with keyframes to adjust animations as per your wish. In addition to animated videos, readymade templates are available for making slideshow videos, promo videos, etc.

But what sets Wideo apart is its video automation technology. For example, you can create multiple personalized videos for each property using a single process. Meaning you work once, and you get numerous individualized videos. This technology works well if you need to create listing videos for many projects quickly.

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