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Personalized Video for Real Estate: Do they work better than Text Messages & Calls?

Personalized Video for Real Estate: Do they work better than Text Messages & Calls?

Why Personalized Video for Real Estate?

If you are a real estate agent, you know you need to do a lot of follow-ups. So you either call your prospects directly or follow up through text messages.

Although it’s a good follow-up method, phone calls can get intrusive. You never know whether the prospect is ready to answer your call. Text messages are fine, but every other agent uses them.

How do you differentiate yourself when many agents bombard prospects with calls and messages? How do you make sure people remember you over your competition?

Simple. Use personalized video messages.

What is Personalized Video for Real Estate?

With Personalized Video, you can merge customers’ data with video. As a result, each customer receives a unique (personalized) video directly addressing them or something they deem important.

You can create personalized videos by recording/creating videos for each customer separately. It works if you have to send videos to just a few people.

But if you want to follow up with many people, you can use online service providers to merge personalized data (from your CRM or spreadsheet, for example) with a video template. In this case, you can create many videos quickly, each with different individual data points like name, area, business, etc.

Personalized Video is similar to emails that arrive with your name in the subject, although the same message was sent to multiple people. Since personalized videos for real estate are new, customer engagement is high when they see their names or other specific details within the video.

What are the Applications of Personalized Video?

Personalized Videos have multiple uses. Their primary use is sales, follow-ups, and customer engagement. But you can also use them for customer onboarding, retention, and support. You can even use them to send personalized video greetings on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Imagine a prospect getting a video greeting with their name and birthdate!

Personalized Video Example:

Which types of data can be customized in a video?

Depending on the viewer, you can customize elements like text, images, or even short video clips. Some service providers even enable you to ask for specific inputs from the viewer and customize the video in real-time based on the data they input.

How to send personalized video messages?

You can record a selfie video on your phone and send it through multiple mediums, including WhatsApp, Messenger, eMail, etc.

Or you could sign up with an online personalized video service provider and send beautiful animated video messages with the customer’s name, business name, location details, price, photos, videos, screen capture data, etc.

Can we use Personalized Videos in eMails?

Videos don’t play automatically on emails, but you could use a thumbnail image linked to the video with personalized data like the recipient’s name, etc. Since prospects see their name on the image, many will be intrigued enough to click on the play button.

Instead of thumbnail images, you can also use short customized gif videos, which automatically play on emails. Link this gif to your actual sales/follow-up video.

What are the Benefits of Using Personalized Video service providers?

Many Personalized Video service providers enable you to measure video metrics like watch time, etc., for each recipient. In addition, personalized video emails have a higher open rate. So measuring engagement levels enables you to make more people see your follow-up messages and prioritize prospects based on their engagement levels an follow-up appropriately.

Who are the popular Personalized Video service providers?

Here are some of the popular personalized video service providers, not just for real estate but for any niche –

Did you know?

Real Estate Agents can easily create beautiful listing videos for each property using the professional animated templates available on this real estate video creation app.

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