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Real Estate Agents: Shoot Great Videos on Android Phone (25 Tips)

If you are a real estate agent, spending 15 minutes reading these 25 tips on how to shoot great videos on android will greatly enhance the listing videos you shoot & edit for your clients.

Real Estate Agents: Shoot Great Videos on Android Phone (25 Tips)

You can Shoot Great Videos on Android Phones. Here is how:

#1. Pre-determine which places you are going to shoot and in which order. If you have not been to a particular house before, first spend some time going around the property and planning the shoot.

#2. If possible, shoot in 4K resolution, although you will make the final video in Full HD (1080p). This will enable you to crop portions of the video later without losing clarity.

#3. If you are moving around, use optical stabilization if your Android phone supports it (many do). Otherwise, try to use a smartphone gimbal. Even if you are shooting from a single place, try using a mobile tripod or keeping it over a stationary surface. Shacky footage resulting from your shaking hands doesn’t look good.

#4. Good audio is essential if you plan to record your voice while shooting. Try to shoot when external disturbances and noises are minimum. Find out where the mic on your phone is, and try not to cover it with your hands. Use an external mic with noise cancellation whenever possible.

#5. Use timelapse to make the video more engaging. Timelapse is the technique where you speed up the non-critical portions of your video. For example, you don’t have to show yourself walking from one room to another. You could either cut those parts out or speed them up.

#6. Wipe (clean) your camera lens with a soft cloth before you start shooting. You don’t want dirt or fingerprint marks degrading the video quality.

#7. Try not to film areas that are too bright or too dark. In either case, your phone is going to record sub-par video.

#8. Ideally, the lighting should be the same level when you move around. If you move from a normally lit room to a darker area, the camera will struggle to maintain the white balance. Hence the footage may not be good.

#9. If you need a closer view of an object or a scene, try to get closer to it. Don’t use the digital zoom function (pinch to zoom). Digital zoom reduces the clarity of the visuals, which will be evident when you watch it on a larger screen.

#10. Combining many small shots (5-10 seconds duration) and then combining them later gives you a much better video than shooting longer videos in a single take.

#11. When you move the camera, move it slowly. If you move it fast, the video will not be clear.

#12. If you can manually set the white balance and exposure for a scene, do it. Auto exposure should work fine when the home is well lit.

#13. Try not to shoot real estate when it’s dark outside – at night, for example. During the day, make sure the home is lit amply by sunlight from the outside. And by the artificial lighting inside. Try to use external lights if the lighting inside the house is insufficient.

#14. Video Editing significantly enhances the video. You can use android apps to edit or transfer the footage to your computer and edit it with desktop software. There are even mobile editing apps for Android to make professional real estate videos easily.

#15. You can use the slow-motion recording feature to capture anything that’s moving. Sometimes, you can use it even when moving the camera around.

#16. Shoot the same scene two or three times from two or three angles, at a minimum. If you are not satisfied with one shot, you can use another while editing.

#17. Make sure you have adequate storage space and battery charge on your Android phone before shooting. You can use spare external storage and battery banks if you need them.

#18. Some phone models have better video recording capabilities than others. Some even specialize in photo/video recording. So do your research properly before buying one.

#19. Back up your video footage (at least the ones you will use) to the cloud.

#20. Horizontal (Landscape) videos look more professional than vertical videos unless you are shooting specifically to share them on Stories.

#21. You can buy some accessories to enhance your video quality on your Android phone. For example, you can buy lenses to shoot better videos in ultra-wide format or to shoot using optical zoom. Here is a list of smartphone accessories useful for mobile video shooting.

#22. Use the rule of thirds whenever possible. You should not place your subject or the main point of interest right at the center of the screen. Instead, you can frame it in the area that’s roughly in-between the sides and the center. You can enable grid lines on your camera to help.

#23. Use the editing tools in the built-in photos app to adjust brightness, contrast, white point, black point, saturation, etc. to your satisfaction, without losing details.

#24. Try different angles while shooting. Also try closeup, panning, rotating, and other creative techniques to enhance your footage.

#25. You can use free or paid camera apps over the native camera app to gain DSLR-like shooting features on your Android phone.

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