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Does Video Help Sell Real Estate?

Does video help sell real estate?

does video help sell real estate?

As a real estate agent, and having worked in the real estate industry, you should have already realized the importance and benefits of using videos to bolster your chances of success. However, before we get into the pointers on that, let’s look at a few vital statistics.

According to this propertiesonline.com report,

  • Internet is the medium used by 95% of home buyers to search for property listings. And online video sites account for 39% of that search.
  • 73% of homeowners prefer listing with agents who make listing videos. However, only a few agents do them. If you can create professional listing videos for your clients, they’d prefer to work with you over others.
  • Use of the latest technology like videos enables real estate agents to stay competitive and find and respond to clients faster. It also saves a lot of time and money. Video is a win-win for both clients and agents.

According to this Real Estate Trends and Insights Report,

  • Compared to static images, video ads are twice as effective in creating emotional responses.
  • Prospective homebuyers research not just about the home but also about the community and neighborhood, primarily using the Internet and mobile video.
  • Video ad campaigns achieve 17% more conversion than image-based ads, according to Facebook.

According to this “Creative Considerations for Direct Response Campaigns” report by Facebook for Business,

  • 79% of consumers prefer to watch a video to learn about a product or service than reading text.
  • Short Video ads (less than 20s) created specifically for mobile deliver more robust results.
  • Instead of using just text or images, combining these elements and using them together with video provided the Best Return on Investment for Facebook advertisers.


Today, the majority of consumers start their home search online. And almost all of them use listing videos to shortlist properties. Real Estate listings with video drive much more traffic and conversion than listings with just photos and text.

When consumers are clearly demanding video, agents who give it to them will be able to get more leads and close more business. Therefore, creating listing videos is a no-brainer, especially considering they are so inexpensive to make.

Consumers who watch videos and then decide to visit the property are serious about buying. Once a prospect watches the home listing video, they get emotionally attached to the property. When they visit, the emotional connection becomes more robust. So video drives qualified leads which saves a lot of time for agents.

Youtube is the second largest search engine today. Potential clients begin their agent and home search predominantly on Youtube. If you can reach them and keep them engaged on Youtube before their home requirement materializes, guess who they will approach when they start looking? You! 

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Listing Videos should be short enough to keep the prospect engaged but still informed.

It’s better to overlay important details and specs throughout the video. When clients see your photo, contact details, and vital stats like location, the number of rooms, etc., they will be able to recollect your listing.

And don’t forget to add a call-to-action at the end of the video. After all, you make the video to enable people to contact you. So make it easy for them.

You’d be surprised at how many types of real estate videos you can make. Listing videos are just one of the twenty-five types listed there!

Since agents don’t have the time or the budget to make professional-looking videos, you could use a mobile app like Momenzo to make real estate videos quickly and easily. It has many built-in animated templates that make your work a breeze.

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