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15 Simple Tips for Shooting Better Videos with iPhone for Real Estate

If you want simple and easy tips for shooting better videos with iPhone,

15 Simple Tips for Shooting Better Videos with iPhone for Real Estate

#1. Shoot videos in 4K resolution, unless you are short of memory. You can also record selfie videos in 4K on an iPhone. Even if you make 1080p Full HD Videos, you can crop 4K videos without losing resolution or quality later.

#2. Enable Grid Overlay on your camera display from the settings. A grid will enable you to shoot following the popular photography technique of the rule of thirds. It states that your subject or the main area of interest should not always be centered. Instead, you could position it between the sides and the center for a better impact.

#3. iPhone can record slow-motion videos. While it’s good to show variation through slow-motion at times, don’t overdo it. For example, you could use slow-motion to emphasize or reemphasize important sections of the house. Also, ensure you have good indoor lighting if you are shooting at higher framerates for slow-motion.

#4. Use a tripod with a mobile holder where possible. It’s better not to shake the camera when recording a video – as far as possible. The built-in image stabilization on iPhones will make sure you record good quality footage even if you are moving.

#5. Use 0.5x or 1x zoom (max), if required. You could probably go up to 2x or 3x zoom if the lighting is good. Remember that you are primarily using digital zoom on phones. Hence try to limit its usage. If you have to use it, use the zoom dial instead of pinching in to zoom.

#6. Use the editing tools in the built-in Photos app to adjust your brightness, contrast, exposure, highlights, saturation, and other parameters to make your recorded video look much better.

#7. It’s good to use external lights to augment the scene’s lighting while shooting indoors. Otherwise, turn on the indoor lighting and use the natural lighting through windows, doors, etc. Ideally, the subject should be well-lit. Try not to record the source of the light.

#8. Adjust the exposure and use the exposure lock if you are shooting from the same place throughout the shot. Otherwise, leave the settings in auto-exposure mode for shooting better videos with iPhone.

#9. If you are going to record your voice while shooting, try getting as close to the phone as possible. You can also attach a lavalier microphone to your iPhone to record good audio. Try recording audio when other disturbances like noises due to appliances, traffic, etc., are minimum.

#10. You can use a mobile gimbal like the Osmo Mobile to stabilize your video footage even if you are moving around. This is much better than the built-in electronic stabilization of the iPhone.

#11. Wipe the iPhone lens frequently with a soft cloth and keep it dust and fingerprint-free. This is one of the simplest but most ignored tips for shooting better videos with iPhone.

#12. If you want your shot length to be 6s, shoot for 10s. Then, you can cut out 2 seconds from the beginning and the end.

#13. A paid app like Filmic Pro or any other Manual camera app can enhance your videos by enabling some advanced DSLR-like settings on your iPhone.

#14. You could buy an ultra-wide lens for the iPhone to shoot wide landscape shots (like that of a neighborhood in real estate) much better.

#15. iPhone cameras generally have a wide depth of field, which makes a lot of areas in your shot to be in focus. But if you want to shoot cinematic shots where only a specific region is in focus, and others are slightly blurred, you could either go close to your subject or buy special lenses sold for this purpose.

You can use your iPhone to shoot stellar videos if you are a real estate agent. No fancy DSLRs are required. However, editing your real estate videos to make them look professional takes time. Momenzo app simplifies video editing for real estate right on your iPhone. With this, your real estate footage will look attractive without putting in much effort.

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