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How Agents can use Youtube for Real Estate Marketing

Youtube is a great platform for real estate marketing. This post gives you key inputs on what you need to know, as a real estate agent, to be successful with Youtube.

Successful Youtube Strategy for Real Estate Agents

Own Youtube Channel

Why? What would someone do if they wanted a real estate agent in xyz city? They would go to Google or Youtube and search for “Real Estate Agent in xyz city.” Right?
Of course, this is just one way to find an agent, but they would do it.

If your name had to appear as one of the results in that search, you have to keep advertising on Google or appear organically in the search results.

Considering that Youtube videos now appear along with blogs and web pages, don’t you think having your own Youtube channel named “Real Estate Agent in xyz city.” gives you a good chance of reaching your prospects?

What? Google/Youtube SEO is a separate topic, but know this – you need to post content regularly using keywords that your prospects search.

You know what new prospects want to know. Give them that information, and you’ll become a thought leader and go-to person for real estate deals in your area!

Here is a detailed post on the types of content you can create for your Youtube channel. While making all those videos might feel very difficult, you don’t have to do them all in one sitting.

How? Besides, having the right video editing tools focused on the real estate market will enable you to create and publish listing videos quickly. Here is a list of free video editing software that you can learn within ten minutes for making long-form informational videos.

It’s important to have a CTA (Call to Action) in your videos so that you can guide the right viewers to get in touch with you for real estate requirements in your area.

If you are ready to spend time and resources to use your Youtube channel as the main marketing tool, here is a detailed guide.

Youtube Shorts

Why? There is a reason we have given creating short-form videos for Youtube Shorts its own category.

In addition to showing Youtube Shorts videos to people browsing for short videos randomly (based on their interests), Youtube Shorts videos are now posted on your Youtube channel as well.

That means Youtube Shorts videos are indexed by the two most significant search engines – Google & Youtube.

What? Their very nature makes videos not exceeding 60 seconds more engaging to viewers. If they are attractive, surprising, or funny (which they should be), Youtube Shorts is one of your best bets for making your content go viral.

With competition skyrocketing for capturing organic search positions with long-form Youtube content, Youtube Shorts enables you to reach maximum viewers quickly with no or minimal investment of time and resources.

Think different.

Your Youtube Short is not an ad. It’s an exciting piece of content that people want to like, comment, and even share.

How? One idea could be to make a video around trending topics – either in your industry or anything else if you can associate it with your brand.

You can also repurpose your longer videos or blog posts into multiple Youtube Shorts videos on specific sub-topics. But, again, select only that content that creates the maximum impact.

Entertain, Surprise or/and Add Value. If you focus relentlessly on the needs of your target audience, they’ll reward you with their views and engagement.

Youtube Ads

Why? If timely sales are critical for your real estate returns, you can’t just create content and hope for the search engines to refer them slowly in the long run.  

You want people to see your content now, and Youtube Ads enable you to do just that. 

How? You pay money (per view or click) to show your content to people watching videos on Youtube. The best thing about advertising on Youtube is that you can target people based on their age, sex, location, interests, keywords they typed to search, etc.  

Think about Youtube ads like this: If you estimate to make a profit of $10,000 on a particular property, maybe you can spend 20% of that cost on advertising so that you still make $8,000 and complete the transaction quickly. 

Of course, it takes time and learning to optimize your ads for maximum profit, but the best time to start is now. Besides, Youtube gives many digital marketing tools that enable you to measure your return on investment and other vital metrics precisely. 

Types of Ads: There are six types of Youtube ads you can run – Display Ads, Overlay Ads, Skippable Video Ads, Non-skippable Video Ads, Bumper Ads, and Sponsored cards. 

Influencer Marketing on Youtube

Types: There are two types of influencers – Micro-Influencers & Macro-Influencers.

Micro-Influencers have a small following (a few thousand – maybe), but mostly their followers will be in a particular niche. Macro-Influencers have many followers – in hundreds of thousands or millions.

Targeted Traffic: Analyze the demographics of the target audience of the influencers you want to work with. For example, if they predominantly have millennial followers and most of your target customers are older, it may not work.

If you work in a particular area, engage local influencers, even if their audience size is not huge.

Influencer marketing is not about your promotion – it’s about creating content that people can share with their friends without hesitation.

Content Creation: You can even ask an influencer to make the property video – they will do it in a way that’s appealing to their audience.

Here is an example of a Youtuber who routinely posts photos and videos of ultra-luxury homes. Working with an influencer like this might be a great idea if you have an ultra-luxury property to sell.

What to Promote: You can ask an influencer to promote your Youtube channel or website instead of a particular property – that’s a good idea as well. Considering that the videos will live on their channels for a long time, you will continuously get organic search traffic.

How? Many influencer marketing services already have a list of influencers ready to work with clients and signed up. Use them. You can also approach influencers directly and request them to work with you.

You may not have to pay all influencers – some may be willing to work for barter.

Be Careful: Not everyone is comfortable showing around their homes on a public Youtube video – do check with owners before you publish your videos.

Anyone can buy likes and followers these days – be wary of such influencers.

Youtube Live

It’s easy to go Live on Youtube. All you need is a mobile phone or a computer with active Internet connection. You can also record and upload your live streams to Youtube for viewing anytime later.

Youtube takes the extra effort to notify your subscribers that you are Live. So, like Youtube Shorts, this is another way to skyrocket views within a short time.

People who attend your live stream are the ones who feel a deeper connection to you and your properties. Therefore, they will be more receptive to your messages. Besides, it can create excitement in people as there is a factor of exclusivity. Hence try to provide the maximum value to the people who prioritize your event over everything else.

Youtube Live enables realtime interaction with your audience. So we highly recommend you allocate sufficient time for questions and answers. We have seen that live streams which feature only the audience’s Q&A are the most engaging.

Consistency and quality are the keys to be successful on any social media platform, more so on Youtube. Momenzo mobile app enables you to create professional looking real estate listing videos of your properties all by yourself, within a short time.

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