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25 Types of Videos for Real Estate Video Marketing

Real Estate Video Marketing: 25 Types of Videos you can Make Today

When it comes to real estate video marketing, it’s important to make these 25 types of videos. Even if you are unable to create all these, make sure you create as many as possible.

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Real Estate Video Marketing: 25 Types of Videos you can Make Today

For Sale Videos

This is the first and the most obvious type of video you should be making for your real estate video marketing. Create a video with all the important details about the property in order to give a solid overview of the house to the prospective buyer.

These could contain short videos of each part of the house, view from the outside, text overlays, photos, voice-over or background music, animations, etc. It’s important to make it as professional as possible since the prospects’ first impression is very important for them to continue exploring the property.

Walkthrough Videos

Walkthrough videos are similar to for-sale videos. With these, you would shoot while walking around the house while explaining the various features/amenities of the house. You could also overlay text or data without voiceover, where appropriate.

Coming Soon Videos

Anticipation automatically creates excitement. So, you should make coming soon videos with a glimpse of the property (at least from outside) that’s going to be listed soon. Don’t forget to mention a few key details as well.

Just Listed Videos

Homebuyers love to check out new properties that just got listed. Since the best ones are taken quickly, these videos get them excited to hunt for valuable properties quickly so that others don’t get to buy before them.

Open House Videos

Although videos can get people excited and make them desire a house, people take the final decision mostly after seeing the house directly. So, open house videos intimating when people can go and see the property will make prospects get more involved and take action.

Under Offer Videos

Under Offer is a type of video that you make and release when a prospect has shown interest in your property and has given an offer. This doesn’t mean that the house is sold. It just means that someone is serious about buying the house and if others don’t act fast and give a better offer, the house may be sold soon.

Under Contract Videos

This means that both the buyer and the seller have agreed on the price and other terms in the offer. This will encourage other prospects to look at other properties offered by the real estate agent. This also shows that the real estate agent is experienced enough to identify the right prospect and close deals fast.

Sold Videos

Finally, the house has been sold. Both the buyer and seller are happy with the transaction. This type of video is more like a silent testimonial to the agent. Prospects who liked the house are bound to feel guilty for losing it and might want to act quickly with you in the future.

Reduced Price Videos

There is no temptation greater than the temptation of a Limited Time Deal. If the seller has reduced the price of the house, advertise it through a video quickly. It creates excitement similar to a limited-time deal because prospects will be wary that others will take it or the price might increase if they wait for too long.

For Rent Videos

Real Estate agents also deal with rented properties. This is similar to the walkthrough and for sale videos mentioned above, but the video clearly states that the house is only for rent.

Rented Videos

This is similar to the sold videos above, but this time it’s about the completion of a rental agreement between the house owner and the tenant.

About Us Videos

This one is about the real estate agent and their firm. You might be tempted to skip this one – don’t. People want to know that they are doing business with a good professional who knows their business. This video is the perfect opportunity to speak about your competency, experience, and other things that prospects value.

Client Testimonial Videos

There could be nothing more convincing than a client speaking about the good services offered by you. If you can get them to say a few nice words about you, it might work wonders with other prospects.

Neighborhood Video Tours

People who buy a home, also end up inheriting the locality. Not literally, but many people buy homes because of the neighborhood. They would love to know if there are amenities like schools, shops, parks, etc. nearby. Home prices are quite high in certain localities with great neighborhoods. So don’t miss the opportunity to highlight the positive aspects of the surrounding areas.

Drone Video Tours

People love to watch cinematic long-shot footage of homes taken by – no surprise there – drones. If you are able to rent a drone to shoot the house and the locality from outside, do it.

Home Buying 101 Advice Videos – Trends, Policies, Interest Rate Changes, Opportunities

With some experience, real estate agents generally develop expertise. But how would prospects, who meet agents for the first time, know this? That’s why these type of videos where you don’t speak about the property, but speak about everything else in the real estate market can easily establish your expertise.

Live, Ask me Anything, Webinars on Social Media Videos

Sadly, webinars and live interactions have become all about sales, these days. However, prospects buy only when they are convinced fully, not because someone is trying to sell very hard. That’s why live interactions need to be more about the questions your prospects have, than about you or your business or even your offer. Clarify all the questions clents have and they’ll reward you with business.

How-to Videos

Nothing gets more views on Youtube than how-to videos. So share videos that explain the process and educate the customers enough that they’ll want to work only with you. Eg. How to avoid common mistakes that first-time home buyers make.

Interview Videos

Don’t just interview clients, but also interview your colleagues and other experts in the industry. Everyone’s experience and perspective is unique. Who knows, they might inadvertently clarify an important aspect that has kept your prospect from buying. Buyers don’t generally share all their concerns.

Process Videos

Every quote should be accompanied by process videos. How does this work? What’s the first step, what are the steps after that? What’s the final step? What can the prospect expect (and what they should be prepared for) at different stages of their selling and buying journeys?

Memes on Trending Topics Videos

Don’t always be serious and educational. People love to deal with others who are interesting.

Holiday Greetings, Event Videos

This is a good way to remind people that you exist and you would love their business, without stating as much.

Thought Leadership/Forecast Videos

Get into these type of videos only if you have the experience and can backup your claims with solid data. These videos cannot be erased from people’s minds, so make sure you know how to manage the situation if your predictions go wrong. Hint: They will.

Benefits of that Home/Locality over Others

If you don’t give this information to your prospects, they’ll get it from other sources anyway. So make sure you are the one from whom they know. They’ll be more inclined to work with you.

FAQ Videos

FAQ Videos should have been somewhere on the top of this list of real estate video marketing videos. Think about FAQs a minute – don’t you want to read them on every website whose products or services you are considering to purchase? So will your prospects!

Let’s admit that real estate video marketing is not easy, but it’s very effective. Hence it’s important to use the right tools to work efficiently. We hope this blog post has been useful to determine at least some of the types of videos you should be making for your real estate video marketing.

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