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5 Best Free Desktop Video Editing Software

Here is our selection for 5 Best Free Desktop Video Editing Software. Of course, you can also edit real estate videos with any of these, but this post is for anyone who is new to video editing and wants to edit videos on their desktop using a free and capable tool.

As you’ll see in this post, you can get a lot of functionality – not just basic video editing – for free. But the only downside is – you’ll need to invest time to learn and use these tools effectively.

With each section below, we have embedded a quick-start beginner’s guide video that will enable you to start making video edits in less than ten minutes.

5 Best Free Desktop Video Editing Software - Learn video editing within 10-minutes, for FREE.

List of Top 5 Best Free Desktop Video Editing Software

  1. Hitfilm Express
  2. DaVinci Resolve
  3. iMovie
  4. Microsoft Video Editor
  5. OpenShot

#1. Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is a Professional Video Editor & Compositor [Almost equal to Premiere Pro + After Effects combined] that is available for FREE on both Windows & Mac computers and laptops.

The functionality available in this software is just mind-boggling! You just need to watch the above-embedded 8-minute video to get started with editing your videos right away.

First off, you have a video trimmer. You can select only that part of the video you want and send it to the editor. In the editor timeline, you have the most used selection tool and a slice tool with which you can cut the video anywhere and move the segment around. You can do advanced video editing with ripple edit tool, slip tool, slide tool, roll edit tool, etc. These are very useful while editing large videos.

You can add music, voice-over, change the volume, and even use basic audio editing functions. You can add shapes, text, photos, visual effects, transitions, and even keyframe animation with Hitfilm Express. This is a full-fledged multi-track editor.

Hitfilm Express is also a powerful compositor with which you can create motion graphics and visual effects.

You can edit and download videos (Mp4, Mov) of any length without watermarks in Full HD or even higher resolutions. You can even export an image from any frame of the video for your Youtube thumbnails. Frankly, you are getting too much for free.

#2. Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve free edition is another powerful Video Editor + Compositor software for the desktop that is feature-rich and is used by many professionals. You have all standard video editing tools like preview, selection, blade (cut), etc. This is also a multi-track editor.

You can add audio, edit audio, change volume levels, etc. You can add photos, transitions, visual effects, and other compositing features including keyframes controlled pan, zoom, rotate animations, etc. You can export the video to multiple formats and there is no watermark on the final video.

You can add text. Actually, you can add text from the predefined styles/templates which makes them look good without much effort on your part. Beautiful Davinci Resolve templates are available for many purposes – both within and from outside the software.

Availability of a huge ecosystem of users, tutorials, and template providers is one of the big advantages of Davinci Resolve. Professional-level Color Grading tools are another reason why this software is very popular.

Website Link: Davinci Resolve

#3. iMovie

iMovie is a free video editing tool available for Mac & iOS devices. It’s not available for Windows. You can have multiple images, videos, and audio tracks. The main advantage of iMovie is, you can edit videos easily without the long learning curve often associated with other video editing tools.

You can cut video and audio at any place you wish. You can change the speed of the video playback automatically making the same clip play longer or shorter. It even adds automatic zoom for all imported pictures and allows you to record your own voiceovers from within.

With iMovie, you can add transitions in between video or image clips. You can fine-tune the video’s brightness, color balance, and other parameters to make it look nicer. You can zoom, move and rotate video/image clips.

You can add text over images, videos, or shapes. There are many built-in title style presets.

Audio editing features like adjusting volume, reducing background noise, etc. can be done easily. For a more detailed guide on what can be done with iMovie, see the above-embedded video.

#4. Microsoft Video Editor

Windows 10+ Computers have a built-in easy-to-use video editor similar to iMovie called – Microsoft Video Editor. You can go to the windows search bar and type video editor and you’ll find it pre-installed with your Windows OS.

You can add multiple video clips and change their order arrangement. You can rotate the clips and use title cards to add text slides. You can trim videos to any length of your choice. You can even eliminate the audio from within your videos.

There are many cool 3D animated objects that you can add as an overlay to your visuals. You can also select background music from within and add it to your project.

Frankly, video editing couldn’t get simpler than this. If you want something that gets the job done quickly on your laptop, you don’t even have to download anything. Just use the built-in Microsoft Video Editor on your Windows OS.

#5. Open Shot

Open Shot video editor is an open-source video editing tool that is available for all three major OS – Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This is another multi-track editor that lets you import images, video, and audio. You can combine these together in its simple and minimal editor. You can crop, move, rotate, or scale any layer. You can do keyframe animation in this video editor.

You can add transitions and visual effects. You can change the speed of not only video clips but also audio clips. You can apply several visual effects like blur, chroma-key, wave, color shift, color saturation, etc.

You can not only add text but there are ready-made stylized Title templates available for you to choose from and use in your projects. You can export video+audio, video-only, or even audio-only if you wish. Open Shot is available in 70+ languages.

You can see the above-embedded tutorial to learn how to use this tool.

Website Link: Open Shot

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