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10 Reasons Why Real Estate Video Tours are Valuable for Sellers & Buyers

10 Reasons Why Real Estate Video Tours are Valuable for Sellers & Buyers

What are Real Estate Video Tours?

When a seller lists their property for selling or when a buyer browses through such real estate listings, in most cases, it is possible to upload a video showing the property and its important features in addition to text and images.

These videos are commonly referred to as a real estate video tours that anyone can see from anywhere (over the Internet) on their mobiles, tablets or computers.

Here is a real estate video maker app that’s focused on helping real estate agents showcase their properties easily with professional animations just using their mobile phones – within a short time. A beautiful real estate video does make a difference!

10 Reasons Why Real Estate Video Tours are Valuable for Sellers

Home Listings with Video Tours get more views than listings without.

Only serious prospects will come to an in-house visit after viewing your video tour.

Buyers may make an offer on the spot, or soon after, as they are already familiar with your property as they’ve seen the video tour.

Often, a simple smartphone and good lighting are enough to create good videos. It’s easy and quick to create video tours.

With video tours, sellers can increase the number of prospective buyers interested in buying their property. When there is more interest and competition, they could even evaluate increasing the prices.

A well-made clear video will make you stand out from the numerous other listings competing for your buyer’s attention.

A beautifully made video can get buyers excited about your property.

You need to stage and decorate the home just once – before shooting the video.

It’s easy to share videos with friends and family. So making a decision (if it involves multiple people) becomes easier and faster as not everyone needs to visit the house.

You can provide all important details in the video, thereby not having to answer the same questions repetitively to each prospect. You can also highlight your advantages/USPs prominently – thereby making sure that no prospect misses knowing this key information.

10 Reasons Why Real Estate Video Tours are Valuable for Buyers

Buyers searching for properties to buy or rent are not always in the same town or city. Virtual tours offer them a quick way to shortlist the best options from anywhere.

Once buyers shortlist their best options, they can spend more time and energy on the ones they are more likely to buy.

Some properties may still be occupied. With virtual video tours, tenants need not be disturbed for property viewing.

Buyers can see more properties within a short time. The convenience and speed of virtual tours over in-person tours is unmatched.

Real Estate video tours show all the important information to buyers. There is no way of missing key details required for decision-making. Buyers can see the video multiple times if they feel they might have missed something initially.

People who may be busy during the day can still see the property during the night. In fact, they can see it any time they are free – 24×7.

There is no risk due to COVID-19 infections as your buyers don’t need to travel.

It is possible to see the property and the details about the locality and surroundings right from a couch – so it’s better to show locality details, in addition to details about the house.

When buyers watch a real estate video tour before visiting the property in person, the house will not feel totally new. Recollection creates familiarity, hence a more memorable experience.

It is possible to share property videos with friends and family. Hence it’s easy to collect their feedback and that might be very helpful for buyers to decide faster.

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