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Premium Real Estate Video Listing App for Agents – Momenzo

If you are looking for a specialized & premium real estate video listing app for agents, Momenzo is an excellent choice.

Do you want to make Beautiful Real Estate Listing Videos within Five Minutes? Momenzo is a premium real estate video listing app for agents,

What is Momenzo?

Momenzo is a smartphone-based app available for both iOS and Android phones. You can shoot your real estate video listings (scene by scene) right from within the app or upload previously shot footage.

The best part about this app is that you can edit your videos from inside the app and combine all the individual videos using the real estate-focused elegant templates.

You can speak while shooting, and the app will add your voiceover along with the video. Or you can upload the video and add background music available.

The templates automatically display important listing information like your logo, name, contact no, property details, etc., in the video appropriately. So you only need to enter them once.

These templates have been professionally designed and animated so that your listing looks way better than the basic listings often uploaded by other agents.

There are specific templates for selling a property, advertising rentals, coming soon, and even house sold – among others. You can use it to make listing videos of both commercial and residential properties.

How you can Create a Listing Video in Less than 5 Minutes using Momenzo mobile app:

Why Premium Real Estate Video Listing App for Agents? Why not just use Free apps?

While there are free video editing apps that allow you to edit videos, add music, add shapes, add text, add a logo, etc. it’s difficult to get them all together to make them look and feel professional, especially if you are new to video editing.

Besides, it takes a long time to make these apps display the video and information the way you want. Many of them add their own watermark on the final video too.

Free apps are not focused on the real estate market, and professionally designed and animated templates may not be available for your needs – making real estate listing videos.

If you create and upload multiple real estate video listings every month, you might as well make them using an app dedicated to that purpose. That’s Momenzo.

A Few Ready-to-use Video Templates available in the Momenzo mobile app:

Momenzo Vs. Other Premium Video Editing Apps

There are many premium video editing apps, and some of them provide templates for the real estate market too. However, learning to use these apps is time-consuming and often difficult.

Besides, their price is for all the premium editing features they offer – including the many that you are not going to use! Hence, most are priced way higher and have functions that are too complex.

Let’s admit it – you don’t want to learn and become a professional video editor. You just want your listing videos to look well designed without the time and costs involved with professional video editing apps.

Momenzo may just be the perfect Premium Real Estate Video Listing App for Agents that you are looking for!

How a Real Estate Agent uses Momenzo to Create Professional Videos for Listing his properties quickly:

How about hiring Freelancers to do the job?

You could do that, but good freelance video editors charge a lot of money. Besides, you’ll have to wait (often for a few days) by the time your work is completed. Often, freelancers juggle between multiple jobs and that only adds to the delay.

Why spend more and wait longer when you can do the work yourselves? That too, make multiple videos quickly at a small monthly price?

Meet Momenzo.

Detailed Video Guide on How to use the Momenzo App:

Review of Momenzo App with Tips on Shooting & Editing Real Estate Videos:

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