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What is the Best Equipment to Shoot Real Estate Video?

Thinking about taking your real estate marketing to the next level with the video? Great idea! But, what gear should you use?

 If it were about photography, we’d tell you to take it easy and put your phone camera to work. Photography can’t go apples to apples with video in terms of gear and engagement. Plus, video making is not an easy chore, especially in real estate.

Why so?

Because, in real estate video marketing, you need to exhibit every part of the property, so the viewer gets familiar with the space and shows their interest.

What is the Best Equipment to Shoot Real Estate Video?

Best Video Making Equipment for Real Estate

So, here’s the list of the best video-making equipment.

1.   Cameras for Real Estate Video

Talking about the camera for real estate video shooting, the vital thing you should be checking about is if it can shoot 1080p videos. If the camera meets this requirement, you can buy this to have smoother results. 4K is not necessary since cameras with 1080p do an excellent job of providing high-quality results.

Furthermore, we recommend having a small and lightweight camera that doesn’t ache your hands while shooting the video. To find the best camera for videography, you can search for blogs on Google, and they provide you with several options. Make sure you keep in mind the mentioned specs.

2.  Gimbal

A gimbal is another significant gear to have in your backpack. It allows you to move smoothly and cover everything easily with a good view. It also allows you to record the side-to-side motion easily.  

For instance, you need to shoot for a state; you can’t produce good results with a camera holding your hand. A gimbal is what helps in this case and lets you cover everything smoothly. Plus, it saves you from hand ache as well.

You can buy this gimbal at any price and from anywhere. Just make sure it:

●    Has a good battery life

●    Is easy to use

●    Sets up smoothly

●    Carries handlebars

Check out this page in case you need to choose a Gimbal for under $100.

3.   Drone

While the video of every part of the estate is done and dusted, how will you shoot for the aerial parts of it? This is where the drone comes in.

Drone shoots for the upper sides of the estate produce stunning results.

4.  Smartphone

What if we tell you that you only need a smartphone? It can alone produce high-quality videos for your real estate marketing without you having to spend on purchasing other equipment.

Surprised, right?

This is correct. You can only have a smartphone to shoot up to the mark videos. What you only require is to download a real estate video-making app!  

The good apps let you produce terrific videos of the property you’re about to list. Not only does it help in shooting great videos from different angles, but you can also edit your videos using this app.

So, instead of buying a costly video camera or a gimbal, you could easily turn your phone into the ultimate marketing tool. Arrive at the location, turn the camera on, connect it with an app and create a professional-looking video within no time!

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