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How Often Should You Post Your Real Estate Videos

Real estate is a very lucrative field! That is true but with the help of some tips and tricks, you can boost your business and spread the news about your brand. Marketing is a tool you can use to boost your business. However, make sure that the marketing is in the correct direction. For example, you have spent $$$ on making ads and videos, but if they are released to the world in the incorrect manner then all your money and effort will go down the drain.

So, how often should you post your real estate videos? Read below to find.

How Often Should You Post Your Real Estate Videos

Posting real estate videos is a great idea, as it boosts your reach, and as per the facts, videos have proven to be 600% more effective in marketing compared to normal pictures or worded posts. Video marketing acts as a shareable, versatile, and highly effective medium of marketing, but the question remains: how often should you post real estate videos?

  1. Do Not Spam
  2. Sufficient Intervals
  3. Prime Time
  4. Post Everyday
How Often Should You Post Your Real Estate Videos

1- Do Not Spam

Make sure you are not posting too many videos, or else it will be marked as spam. As per many social media platforms, when you post a lot of videos, they are marked as spam, and they do not reach the desired audience, which leads to your posts and efforts getting wasted. For example, we know your villa is stunning, but if you post sooooo many videos of it, your audience will get annoyed.

Ensure you should post only 3-5 posts MAXIMUM in a day, and not more than that, or else your audience will not find those videos… well, what is the point then?

2 – Sufficient Intervals

When you are posting the videos as described and explained above, you need to make sure that these videos are not posted altogether – you must post them with intervals. Imagine going through your feed and all you see are pictures of villas, rooms, etc. like any other person you will get annoyed. I mean, 2-3 pictures are fine, but dozens? Nope, people will unfollow.

By way of example, if you post one video at 9 am, post the next at 1 pm, then at 5 pm, then at 9 pm, and the last one at 11 am. These times are the most important times of the day when most people check their phones, and hence your videos will be best utilized.

3- Prime Time

The concept of prime time is very renowned in the media and marketing industry. Did you know that 9 pm is considered the prime time? When there is maximum reach, most sponsors and brands look for shows and movies airing at this time because this is the time they will get maximum reach and audience. When posting, you must post your real estate video at prime time to get maximum reach and, hence, maximum benefit!

Post Real Estate Videos during the Prime Time

4- Post Everyday

Posting every day is very important, so you maintain your social media presence and that everyone knows that you are there. However, there is one thing that you need to know is that don’t post too much, or else people will consider that spam and might also unfollow or block you. If you post daily and people come across the pictures of your Villa on daily basis; when they have to buy one or rent one, they will know it’s you who they should contact.

Marketing is a good idea, and video marketing is an even better idea – however, doing it in the right way is the idea that will help you increase your reach by 600%.

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