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How to Make Good Videos for Your Real Estate Website?

Make your real estate website user-friendly and make it more visual by uploading high-quality videos!

Did you know an attractive-looking and interactive website gets more sales than a dull one? Today, visual content is cherished more than ever, and it’s about time you started using it on your website too. Because people nowadays do not like to stay on a website with bland statements and no visual content.

And if the website is of real estate having no visual content, it will be more boring, will get no sales, will have little to offer in terms of perspective, and pave the way for your competitors to win.

According to a stat in the US, around 36 million people visit the websites every month. And if they leave without converting, isn’t it tragic for you?

‍In 2019, there were 333 Facebook ads for digital advertising for the real estate industry in Thailand. This implies how essential digital or video ads are.

By visual content, we do not mean to talk about pictures only, we are talking about videos in this post. Because videos speak for themselves and let your viewers have more in-person experience.

So, if you haven’t already jumped onto the video bandwagon, then it’s the right time to get on it.

Now that we’ve established how critical itis to market your real estate website using visual content – let’s see how you can create videos that allow you to take your real estate website to the next level.

How to Make Good Videos for Your Real Estate Website?

Quick Prompt: Real estate websites that share videos get 403% more video queries than websites without videos.  

‍Now the dilemma is: How do you make good videos for your real estate website?

There is nothing so difficult to do. Making good videos is easy and it will take your business to the next level, believe us!

So, without further ado, let’s get to the tips to help you make good video content.

6 Tips to Make Good Videos to Sell More Homes

Following is the list of tips:

  1. Make sure the video quality is top-notch!
  2. Plan ahead!
  3. Make human videos!
  4. Make videos that cover all the dimensions!
  5. Show lifestyle and location as well along with the real estate!
  6. Add video testimonials of your previous customers!

1. Make sure the video quality is top-notch!

To get on the video marketing bandwagon, you shouldn’t just think about making a video but the quality of the video should also be your concern. This should be your first thing to be concerned about.  

For real estate marketing, the videos you’re producing of your homes must be of high quality and well-polished to be viewed by your prospects. Because aesthetics carry worth in this industry and if your real estate is not pleasing, then you will be at a loss.

You can use your smartphone to record good-quality pictures. Plus adding swanky music will be a plus to make your video crisper.

2. Plan ahead!

Know that you just can’t hop on to the camera and begin recording videos. It’s not as simple as that. You have to plan things. Nothing happens well if it’s not planned.  

Video production carries many steps that are needed to be done such as crafting scripts, arranging props, lighting, sound, and then editing.

Guess what? If you download the Momenzo app, it can lessen your hustle by 3x.

It’s actually a real estate video app and it can be of good help. Because it offers automatic editing with your branding.

Plan your video creation ahead

3. Make human videos!

Purchasing a home is a very personal occurrence. Along with finance, emotions are also involved in it. And guess what is the plus point? People take actions according to their emotions in these cases. Moreover, they relate with other people rather than properties. This is the reason you have to make videos in a storytelling manner.

Storytelling affects people’s emotions and they get hypnotized to make a purchase. Today, everybody wants to have the house of their dreams. So why not connect your prospects’ dreams to your videos and trigger them to buy your home. It helps a lot, we bet you.

Emotional allure is the most effective technique to win your audience’s heart. So, come out of the box and make videos that relate to your audience’s emotions.

4. Make videos that cover all the dimensions!

When you’re selling something online, you have to show each and every aspect of the product. So, if you are making a video of your real estate, it’s important to cover all sides of it properly. To do so, you should cover all sides of real estate in your video. This way, your viewers will be able to see all the sides and they will not face any hustle of clicking on different pictures to view all sections and sides of the house.

Real estate is a big industry and it has to offer everything in one full-fledged video. Therefore, we recommend you cover all sides of the house using your smartphone. You can use a wide camera as well for this reason.  

So, apply this tip as well when making videos for your real estate.

5. Show lifestyle and location as well along with the real estate!

The fact is people don’t only see the property but they also consider the location and lifestyle before buying the house. So, we recommend you think beyond the home and cover the location and share the lifestyle around your property as well. By doing this, you’ll attract more customers and eventually make more sales.

Know that you’re selling location as well along with your property and this shouldn’t be forgotten in the video-making process.

Show the luxury of the building and the lifestyle of the area. Show the beautiful views and impress them with that. For instance, if you show that your real estate has a ground near it which makes it easy to go for early morning walks, newspaper arrives on time, it is near to the supermarket, and it is airy, most prospects will love these features and buy the home.

6. Add video testimonials of your previous customers!

As a real estate company, you probably have sold houses to other people. It is a perfect thing to have their video testimonials and post them on your website so that the audience knows your credibility.

It’s a fact that people trust the reviews and testimonials and this strategy will do wonders for your business. Present the happy clients on your website and gain the trust of your prospects.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we’d like to mention that video marketing helps every business and it helps the real industry two times because prospects can relate with visual content (remember our storytelling strategy).

If you can master video marketing with a good budget, go for it. If not, try doing so with your smartphone. At least get started, you’ll see the difference. Your real estate corporation will get the benefit for sure.

So, what are you hanging in here? Go ahead, record the videos, and post them on your website right away!

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